Coffee and tea for a modern lifestyle

A good cup of coffee several times a day is a necessity for millions. Drinking tea is en vogue as well, and so are wellness, relaxation and a lifestyle of health and sustainability. We fulfill our customers’ needs with coffee and tea from organic cultivation, in compostable capsules that are free of aluminum and plastics. Organic capsules for Nespresso®* or NESCAFÉ®* Dolce Gusto®* machines – great taste with a good conscience.


Quick, simple and comfortable

Our customers enjoy excellent coffee and tea with no hassle and within the shortest time. Preparation is really simple: Choose your favorite flavor, insert capsule, push button and enjoy, all within just a few seconds. High-grade organic quality meets flexibility and convenience.


Our value proposition

We offer our customers a modern choice to aluminum and plastics capsules – a choice that goes well with their healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Organic coffee from My-CoffeeCup and organic tea from My-TeaCup allow them to use their capsule machine without having to worry about environmental pollution, waste of resources, or contaminants. Enjoy with a good conscience!


A wide choice of flavors, consistently high quality, and quick and simple preparation have made coffee capsules extremely popular throughout recent years. Millions of capsule machines do their job in private households, offices and hotels. At UniCaps, we are convinced that the tea capsule market will develop in the same way. Be it tea or coffee – our products allow our customers to choose their preferred beverage at their whim. To offer optimum taste and a long storage life, we attach great importance to the exact portioning of our recipes and to the airtight filling of our capsules. The natural aroma is preserved, and our creations can unfold their full taste, smell and color for a very long time.