It takes three to five minutes for a traditional cup of brewed tea to develop its full taste, whereas the capsule machine will let the tea get in contact with water for just a few seconds. At UniCaps, our engineers accepted the challenge and developed the Aroma Technology, a mechanical preparation technology that will let our tea leaves, herbs and fruits unfold their wonderful aroma, enchanting scent and intensive colors within 40 short seconds. The result: an outstanding taste experience at the push of a button – arguably the most revolutionary tea innovation since the invention of the tea bag in 1908. 

Thus prepared, the tea is filled in airtight capsules, and brought to life in a Nespresso®* or NESCAFÉ®* Dolce Gusto®*machine. The natural ingredients then lend their full aroma to the pressurized flow of hot water, allowing our customers to enjoy a perfect cup of tea within virtually no time.


Just like our compostable, plastics and aluminum free organic capsules, our product packages reflect our commitment to use nothing but the most sustainable and environment friendly solutions. Our boxes are made from recycled material without any outer packaging, and they are printed on the outside only – with food law compliant inks, naturally.