Our headquarters in Frankfurt (Oder)

At UniCaps, we strive to bring classy, sustainable moments of delight to our customers.

Our customers lead a busy life, with thousands of things to do on a daily basis. Every new day comes packed with new dates and tasks, noon break is short, and evenings are booked out with sports or social activities. The high workload demands efficiency: they communicate using modern media, they cater to a healthy but quick food intake, and they strive to consume in sustainable ways, without affecting others, or the environment. It is this dedication to efficiency and sustainability that UniCaps is committed to fulfill: exquisite taste enjoyment in the blink of an eye – and with a good conscience.



We use nothing but pure, natural ingredients. Regardless of which countries in the world our select coffee and tea varieties originate from – our experts place great value on excellent quality, choosing only the finest yields and taking regional distinctions like weather and harvest times into account.


All our coffees, teas and herbal mixtures come from certified organic cultivation. We procure our ingredients from renowned traders and producers in many countries around the world, among them Germany, Austria, Bulgary, Finland, China, India, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, South Africa, New Zealand and the United States of America.

Convenient preparation

UniCaps combines quality and convenience: high-quality organic coffee and tea, quickly prepared in common capsule machines. Our customers don’t need to purchase any special equipment. We enable them to enjoy first-class tea and coffee enjoyment within a few seconds, and with freedom to choose whatever hot beverage they may desire. We offer a moment of recreation to enjoy great taste and gain new strength with no effort at all.

Quality time

UniCaps strives to create quality time for all senses. Delicious tastes, intensive aromas, intriguing scents. We don’t just make a cup of coffee or tea – we create an experience for our customers to enjoy in a holistic way, with moments of peace and recreation to regain energy for the busy day. Combining the cultural heritage of thousands of years with a contemporary lifestyle, we turn or customers into followers.